Whether you are looking to buy cleaning chemicals for a commercial or domestic setting, choosing the right cleaning products for your situation can seem like a minefield. When you start considering the environmental impact those products can pose then it becomes even trickier.

Concentrates Direct offers a wide range of cleaning solutions that are designed to get the job done whilst being as eco-friendly as possible – and our concentrates and super concentrates are specifically engineered to create as little a carbon footprint as possible.

Whether you are looking to buy your cleaning supplies from Concentrates Direct or elsewhere, we have put together this handy guide to help you make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing your domestic and commercial cleaning products.

There are 5 key points you should consider when buying cleaning chemicals:

  • Cleaning strength required
  • Type of cleaning being undertaken
  • Impact of cleaning chemicals on health
  • Environmental impact of cleaning products
  • Safety data sheet information

Cleaning Strength

Most domestic situations will not require the strongest cleaning agents but even in the home there will be different strengths of chemicals being used depending on the space being cleaned. The same can be said for commercial use, although usually commercial standard cleaning chemicals will be much stronger and therefore have the potential to be more corrosive. When used correctly these chemicals are perfectly safe to handle.

Kitchens and toilets are common areas where cleaning products will be much stronger as this is required to keep these areas fully clean and to a high standard of hygiene.

At Concentrates Direct, our cleaning products require dilution and so the required strength can be tailored to your specific needs. It is also fair to say that our products are generally much easier to handle due to their concentrated nature as smaller containers are required.

Type Of Cleaning

The type of cleaning being done will also impact on the chemical makeup of a cleaning product. For example, traffic film removers will have a very different profile to toilet and urinal cleaners, just as glass cleaner will differ from an antibacterial surface cleaner.

If you are looking for a cleaning product that is to be used for a specific area then it is highly advisable to look for something specifically designed for the task rather than a generic all purpose cleaner.

We stock a wide range of cleaning concentrates for a plethora of different uses.

Cleaning Chemicals & Health

Anyone using highly concentrated or powerful cleaning chemicals has a duty of care to the environment they are working in and those around them. Commercial strength cleaning chemicals are amongst the strongest available and so it is important that you have a full understanding of any health and safety implications that could occur as a result of using any cleaning chemicals and in particular when using in public places or places of work.

Any spillages or accidents should be reported to the appropriate authorities as documented in the product safety data sheet.

Environmental Impact

As mentioned above, the impact of spillages or chemicals entering water systems could have a lasting impact on the environment and so every care should be taken to minimise the negative effects of using such products.

Always follow the guidelines for each product.

There is also a cost to the environment when it comes to transporting large quantities of cleaning chemicals. All products from Concentrates Direct minimise the impact of shipping on CO2 emissions thanks to the highly concentrated formulae we use.

Safety Data Sheet

High powered cleaning products should include a safety data sheet. All of the products available to purchase through Concentrates Direct have a safety data sheet included as standard and we also have them available to download on each product page in a PDF format.

This means you can see all the information you need to help with the points listed above before you make your purchase.

The safety data sheet should be fully read and understood before using any commercial cleaning product.