carbon negative banner At Concentrates Direct we recognise our responsibilities with regard to the impact our products could have on the environment – in fact, you might say that we are absolutely passionate about ensuring our concentrates have zero negative impact on the environment and even more so when it comes to CO2 emissions.

That’s why when you purchase our concentrates you buy safe in the knowledge that you are choosing a carbon negative product – meaning that there is actually a positive impact on CO2 in our atmosphere as a result of buying from us.

Explaining Carbon Neutral and Negative

Achieving a carbon neutral state (sometimes referred to as net zero) means that the amount of CO2 emissions that are put in to the atmosphere are equal to the amount of CO2 emissions that are taken out of the atmosphere. Carbon negative means that the amount of CO2 taken out of the atmosphere is greater than what is being put in.

Our aim at Concentrates Direct is to achieve a carbon negative status on all our products and carbon neutral as an absolute minimum.

There are various ways to reduce carbon and tip the balance in favour of having a positive environmental impact – here’s how we do it…

How We Achieve Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative

Firstly, we minimise the Carbon impact through careful ingredient and supply chain selection. We also offer products as super or highly concentrated which use much less water, so the products require less packaging and use significantly less transport resources.

Direct Carbon Capture (or Direct Air Capture) is a relatively new concept and is the process of capturing CO2 directly from the biosphere. For every 1 litre of cleaning concentrate that our customers buy, we capture 2kg of Carbon dioxide*.

This makes even our heaviest products worth more than their own weight in Carbon Capture. In fact, for some products it’s 2.5 times the product’s weight. This type of carbon offsetting then allows us to eliminate our remaining carbon footprint, to offer a range of products which are carbon negative on average.

Buy The Only Carbon Negative Concentrates In The UK

As far as we are aware, we are the only company in the UK offering carbon negative cleaning concentrates. Whilst we are proud to be leading the way (and giving our customers an environmentally friendly option) we would love to see more of our competitors move to a carbon neutral or carbon negative approach.

For now though, we are the only UK company offering this pledge. So feel free to browse our cleaning and odour removing concentrates and be safe in the knowledge that all of them are carbon neutral or negative.

*We process the Direct Carbon Capture in 10 tonne increments. Each product has its own impact ratio relative to weight and delivery impacts vary so we refer to averages across all product sales. We may adjust the ratio of Carbon Offset to product weight or devise a different system to better meet the needs of future product impacts.