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We specialise in offering you the most product per litre.
Our ‘Super Concentrate’ products are literally 100% raw material strength, meaning they are several times stronger than other concentrates. Think of it as condensed bulk buying.

Most “concentrated” products still contain lots of water, so they may look cheaper but a lot of what you are paying for is only water. Transporting heavy, bulkier products uses more fuel and packaging which unnecessarily impacts the environment. It also wastes money, products are harder to handle and take up more space. That makes no sense, except to make you feel like you are getting more.

Don’t pay your supplier for water, add your own and you can save money or get more of the bit wanted while helping to reduce environmental impact at the same time.

We hope you are as pleased with our British products as we are.

As a new outlet, we are keen to win new customers confidence by providing a reliable and straightforward service. If there is something we can improve, then we value your suggestions.

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Easyclean Bactericidal


Easyclean Bactericidal is the king of surface cleaners.
Use it on anything from nicotine stained plastics to kitchen surfaces, fabrics and carpets, or even removing flux from printed circuit boards.

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