Traffic Film Removers (also known as TFR) are a highly effective solution to rid vehicles of road grime. Our traffic film removers are super concentrates and as such are suitable for commercial use.

Concentrates Direct have a range of TFR’s, all of which offer exceptional value for money and are at least 5 times more concentrated than almost all other brands. We stock traffic film removers of varying strengths, from delicate cleaning applications to incredibly strong Powerwash strength of cleaning.

If you are looking for a TFR that offers exceptional cleaning power, that is highly concentrated and will perform better than the competition then take a look at our range below.

Autoboss Foam – Super Concentrated Balanced Formula TFR

Best TFR –  superior highly concentrated balanced traffic film remover, carbon negative, typically 5x stronger than most others.  Less shipping costs, less storage space required, more value.

Bodywork Shine – Super Concentrated Milder Formula Traffic Film Remover

Traffic Film Remover More than 5 times the concentration of nearly all other brands. No caustic and premium surfactants ideal

Cherry Suds – Super Concentrated Car Wash Shampoo with Shine Finish and Cherry Scent

Car Shampoo Cherry Suds is a mild PH neutral vehicle shampoo sometimes called Wash n Wax. Cherry Suds produces a

Powerwash Foam – Super Concentrated Ultimate Power and Economy Traffic Film Remover

Traffic Film Remover More than 5 times the concentration of nearly all other brands. Premium grade surfactants with the strongest

Traffic Film Remover FAQs

Have questions about using a TFR or want to know more about our products? You can find more product information on each individual traffic film removing product or see some of the most commonly asked questions below:

Does TFR Remove Wax?

Most traffic film removers will remove wax that has been applied to a car but it ultimately depends on the strength of the individual product used as well as the dilution. The type of wax that has been applied to the car will also impact whether the TFR will fully remove it.

How Do You Remove Traffic Film From Car Paint?

For most commercial and industrial uses we would recommend using a pressure washer with automatic feeds for cleaning products. All of our TFRs can be used in this way with the exception of our milder Wash ‘n’ Wax Cherry Suds solution.

When using our super concentrated TFRs the job of fully removing any traffic gunk is made easier thanks to the ultimate cleaning power it provides.

How Do You Dilute TFR?

Each product has very clear dilution instructions to show how to dilute the cleaning solution. Typically, this can be done manually and as part of an automatic feed in to a pressure washer. All our products do require pre-dilution as they are highly concentrated. For example, 3 litres of our Powerwash Foam when mixed with water will create 25 litres of high quality TFR concentrate that is then ready to be diluted again.

Can You Use Concentrates Direct TFR With An Auto-Fed Pressure Washer?

Most of our traffic film remover concentrates can be fed in to an auto-fed pressure washer once they have been pre-diluted. Please check individual product descriptions and manuals for further information.

If you are still unsure as to which of our TFR products is best for your needs then feel free to call us and speak to our friendly sales team.

TFR Cleaning Tips

As with all traffic film removers, for best results try to avoid surfaces drying during washing and rinse thoroughly.