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Autoscrub – Super Concentrated Floor Cleaner for Automated Machines

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Industrial floor cleaner for use through automatic scrubber drier machines. Dilution: This product requires pre-dilution of

Descalextra – Highly Concentrated Power Descaler and Brick Cleaner Acid

Super Strength Descaler Removes dried mortar, concrete, rust, lime-scale, mildew and fungus. Do not use on aluminium or stainless steel.

Millphos Concentrated Descaler Cleaner – Removes Rust Tarnishes Protein Milk Beer Deposits

Acid Cleaner and Descaler Removes scale, rust and metal tarnishes. Millphos will brighten aluminium, chrome and non-ferrous metals resulting in

Rust Remover – Concentrated Leaves Protective Phosphate Coating

Rust Remover Effective at removing rust and resulting in a phosphate conversion coating. Typical Dilution Ratio Neat to 1:10 with

Spillsafe – Concentrated Oil Dissipating Non-toxic Odourless Surface Cleaner

Industrial General Purpose/Surface Cleaner A non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, odourless cleaner. Originally formulated to aid removal of oil from race tracks