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Concentrated Easyclean Bactericidal

Industrial General Purpose/Surface Cleaner Probably the best general purpose cleaner you will find anywhere. Dilution: 1:2 to 1:100 with water.

Concentrated Easyclean Spillsafe

Industrial General Purpose/Surface Cleaner A non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, odourless cleaner. Originally formulated to aid removal of oil from race tracks

Concentrated Millphos

Acid Cleaner and Descaler Removes scale, rust and metal tarnishes. Millphos will brighten aluminium, chrome and non-ferrous metals resulting in

Concentrated Pear Drops

Odour Control Extinguishes unwanted odours in waste areas and washrooms. High performance, biodegradable odour control with pear fragrance. Dilution: 1:50

Concentrated Rust Remover

Rust Remover Effective at removing rust and resulting in a phosphate conversion coating. Typical Dilution Ratio Neat to 1:10 with

Concentrated Stericlean

Sanitiser/Surface Cleaner A non-toxic, fully biodegradable, odour free cleaner. Excellent bactericidal properties, even at 1:100 dilution. Highly effective on heavy

Concentrated W.C. Maintain Heavy Duty

Blue Viscous Toilet and Urinal Cleaner Fresh Fragranced, removes and prevents build-up of urea and lime-scale. Typical Dilution Ratio Neat

Highly Concentrated Absorb Neutraliser

Odour Control A water-soluble liquid for dealing with odours and dust, with powerful deodorising properties and is fully biodegradable to

Highly Concentrated Descalextra

Super Strength Descaler Removes dried mortar, concrete, rust, lime-scale, mildew and fungus. Do not use on aluminium or stainless steel.

Highly Concentrated Mask

Odour Control A powerful blend of biodegradable essential oils, perfumes and emulsifiers for use at high dilutions. Non-toxic/flammable. Ideal for:

Maximum Strength Heavy Duty Degreaser

Degreaser For heavy plant, machinery, vehicles and floors specially formulated to give powerful penetration into the thickest grease and grime.

Super Concentrated Autoboss Foam

Traffic Film Remover Premium grade surfactants with a regular cleaning bite for balanced economy and an anti-static shine. Premium grade

Super Concentrated Autoboss Heavy Duty Foam

Traffic Film Remover Premium grade surfactants with extra cleaning power. This product can handle the tougher cleaning needs or extra

Super Concentrated Autoscrub

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Industrial floor cleaner for use through automatic scrubber drier machines. Dilution: This product requires pre-dilution of

Super Concentrated Bodywork With Wax

Traffic Film Remover Premium surfactants for sensitive surfaces and a wax shine anti-static finish. Dilution: This product requires pre-dilution. Overall

Super Concentrated Cherry Fresh

Odour Control By far the strongest cherry scent, Cherry Fresh is a powerful cherry fragrance, consisting of 100% undiluted materials

Super Concentrated Cherry Suds

Car Shampoo Cherry Suds is a mild PH neutral vehicle shampoo sometimes called Wash n Wax. Cherry Suds produces a

Super Concentrated Powerwash Foam

Traffic Film Remover Premium grade surfactants with aggressive cleaning power. This product can handle the toughest cleaning needs or the

Super Concentrated Screen Clean

Windscreen Cleaner and De-Icer Dilution: 1:40 (summer and light conditions) to 1:5 (severe winter or tough conditions) with water. Our