Concentrates Direct

Industrial Odour Neutralisers

Our industrial-strength odour neutralisers are designed to deal with unwanted smells in a range of different settings. We manufacture and supply a range of super-concentrated and highly concentrated odour neutralisers available in the UK. Our products are suitable for industrial and commercial settings that are looking for high levels of odour control, as well as those looking to achieve incredible value for money thanks to our incredibly high levels of concentration.

If you are looking to eliminate odours from the workplace or public settings, then the chances are that we stock an odour-controlling concentrate that is perfect for your needs. All of our odour products are fully biodegradable to EC648/2004 standards and are therefore environmentally friendly. We stock a range of strengths and fragrances that will mask unpleasant smells such as those that come from drains, sewage treatment works, waste processing plants, foul drainage systems and communal toilet areas, and we even sell products that will mask odours from animal waste.

Some of our odour eliminators can be used at source or internally at higher dilutions, as well as externally at lower dilutions. Feel free to browse our odour neutralising concentrates below and if you are unsure which product best suits your needs please feel free to contact us.

Benefits Of Odour Control From Concentrates Direct

Concentrates Direct focus on high quality, cost-affordable solutions for our customers. That means we aim to produce highly concentrated and super concentrated odour eliminators that perform well in a wide variety of settings whilst saving you money.

Our concentrates are usually significantly more powerful than those of our competitors, and that means you get more for every litre of odour-controlling concentrate you buy from us. It is not only economically unsound to ship water around the country, but it also adds to the environmental impact of this activity. Our highly and super concentrated liquids mean less water is shipped, and more water is added at your end – this results in lower shipping costs, greater economies of scale for you and less negative environmental impact.

Odour Eliminators, Odour Neutralisers Or Masks?

Technically speaking, our products range from those intended to mask odours to those that neutralise them. However, they all do both to some degree, leaving your preferred fragrance. Odour masking is the most cost-effective approach and may be sufficient for many situations. Nastier smells or stricter situations might make elimination more desirable. In this case, odour neutralisers are amongst the most effective and safe products available for odour control.

In many commercial and industrial settings, it is simply not feasible to avoid producing odours, and therefore opting for concentrated odour-controlling products such as ours is the most effective and sustainable method to use.

How Do The Deodorisers Work?

Our products mask and neutralise the unpleasant and unwanted smells to leave a more pleasant aroma. Each of our products has a different makeup and fragrance, and applications are varied. Our neutralisers contain specialised surfactants to capture and disable offending smells. Each product has its own scent that is pleasant and is made up of a blend of concentrated essential oils, perfumes and emulsifiers – all of which are fully biodegradable.