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Glass Clean – Highly Concentrated Premium Window, Mirror, and Glass Cleaner

Our best glass cleaner.
Small but powerful. Try it and we are sure you won’t go back.
A little of the best is better than a lot of the rest. No-nonsense, perfect for art galleries, museums and shop displays. The highly concentrated formula gives a streak-free, anti-static finish.


When it comes to achieving pristine, crystal-clear glass surfaces, why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Glass Clean is the epitome of the best quality in window, mirror, and glass cleaners. Often, a little of the best is better than a lot of the rest.

Key Features:
  1. Small but Mighty
    Glass Clean may come in a compact 500ml size, but don’t be fooled by its modest appearance. This small but powerful bottle is a testament to quality over quantity.
  2. British Made
    Glass Clean embodies professional excellence and a no-nonsense approach to delivering exceptional cleanliness. It’s the choice of those with uncompromising standards.
  3. For Critical Standards
    Ideal for spaces with the most discerning requirements, including art galleries, museums, and shop displays. Glass Clean ensures a smear and streak-free anti-static finish, allowing your glass surfaces to shine brilliantly.
  4. Highly Concentrated
    The concentrated formula offers exceptional mileage, ensuring that a little goes a long way. This translates to cost savings and less environmental impact.
  5. Discounts
    Available on large orders and for frequent customers.
  6. Competitive Pricing
    Speak to us about price matching.

Each 500ml bottle yields 2 litres of ‘ready to use’ Glass Clean. For optimal results, dilute with distilled or de-ionised water, ensuring a dilution no stronger than 1:3 (Glass Clean to water).

Use it sparingly with clean materials, and you’ll be rewarded with spotless, streak-free surfaces.

Glass Clean is a statement of uncompromising quality. Whether you’re maintaining the sanctity of an art exhibit or ensuring that your shopfront displays captivate with pristine clarity, Glass Clean is your dependable partner in achieving perfection. Experience the brilliance of Glass Clean, where a little truly does go a long way.


Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only. Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use. Concentrates Direct accepts no liability where use has not followed the official directions.

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500ml, Box 24x 0.5 litre

Glass Clean – Highly Concentrated Premium Window, Mirror, and Glass Cleaner
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