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Easyclean Bactericidal – Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner

If you want the best antibacterial surface cleaner with no nonsense, Easyclean Bactericidal is likely the best you will find anywhere.

Industrial General Purpose/Surface Cleaner

Introducing Easyclean Bactericidal, the ultimate solution to all your cleaning needs! Our concentrated cleaning product is specially designed to cover the broadest range of cleaning, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean and germ-free.

Easyclean Bactericidal is a versatile cleaning solution that can be used on all surfaces, including glass, wood (may remove polishes), metal, and plastic. The unique formula is concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way. Just a small amount is all you need to achieve a deep and thorough clean, saving you time and money.

Highly effective at cleaning dirt and grime, bacteria and viruses. Easyclean Bactericidal provides a safer and healthier environment, giving you peace of mind knowing that your surfaces are clean and germ-free.

The subtle lemon fragrance avoids tainting when used in food areas. Whether you need to clean your kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, or office desks, Easyclean Bactericidal is the perfect solution. Easyclean is one of our highest rated antibacterial cleaning products.

Its formula is powerful at dissolving grease and grime, but still mild enough to be very versatile. No bleach or acidity and none abrasive. That’s why our family use it as our go-to cleaner.

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Use examples:
  • kitchen worktops
  • carpets, floors
  • upholstery
  • jewellery
  • keyboards and plastics
  • cleaning parts
  • even removing flux from circuit boards

To make the best antibacterial surface cleaner work even faster, use Easyclean Bactericidal in an ultrasonic bath for items like jewellery, circuit boards and other parts.

Warning: Easyclean may remove surface wax polishes and some ink marks. If unsure, test a small area first.


1:2 to 1:100 with water.


Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only. Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use. No liability shall be accepted relating to the use of this product where the official manufacturer’s directions and recommendations have not been followed responsibly.


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5 litres, Box 4x 5 litres

Easyclean Bactericidal – Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner
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