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Cream Paste Hand Cleaner – Ready To Use Organic-Solvent-Free

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Introducing the best-of-all-worlds, Cream Paste Hand Cleaner (special European ingredient origin), your partner in combating the toughest grime, grease, and dirt. The scrubbers are 100% natural, biodegradable, of organic origin and not genetically modified. Formulated with a pH-neutral and solvent-free blend of premium cleaning agents, this industrial-strength hand cleaner is your go-to solution for achieving spotless, fresh hands. The cream doesn’t slip straight off your hands like many do which reduces waste.

Key Features:
  1. Tough on Grime
    Cream Paste Hand Cleaner is engineered to tackle the most stubborn industrial dirt, including oils, adhesives, paints, and more. Say goodbye to ground-in grime and hello to pristine hands.
  2. Sustainable
    The scrubbers are 100% natural made from corn cobs, biodegradable, of organic origin and not genetically modified.
  3. Gentle on Skin
    Rated ‘excellent’ in dermatological testing. While it’s fierce on dirt, Cream Paste Hand Cleaner is gentle on your skin. The advanced pH neutral and solvent-free formula includes skin-friendly ingredients to prevent dryness and irritation, even with frequent use.
  4. Versatile Applications
    This hand cleaner is perfect for a wide range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, construction, and more. It’s a must-have for professionals and hobbyists alike.
  5. Efficient Cleaning and Easy Rinse
    The thick, non-drip consistency means a little goes a long way and less waste from slippage. Apply a small amount to your hands, rub, and watch the powerful cleaning agents effortlessly lift away dirt. Rinse with water, and you’re left with clean, refreshed hands.
  6. Discounts
    Available on large orders and for frequent customers.
  7. Competitive Pricing
    Speak to us about price matching.

To get the most out of Cream Paste Hand Cleaner, follow these usage tips:

  • Apply just 5ml of Cream Paste Hand Cleaner to your hands and rub them together.
  • Wet your hands with a small amount of water. This will help emulsify the cleaner and create a lather.
  • Continue rubbing your hands ensuring the cleaner reaches all areas, including between fingers and around nails. Continue rubbing for about 20–30 seconds. This allows the cleaning agents to break down and lift away dirt and grime effectively.
  • Continue to rub your hands while rinsing with water. The lather will carry away the loosened dirt and contaminants. Rinse until your hands are completely clean.
  • Pat your hands dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Avoid excessive rubbing.

Cream Paste Hand Cleaner is your trusted no compromise solution for maintaining clean and healthy hands in demanding work environments. With its superior cleaning power and skin-friendly formula, it ensures your hands are ready for whatever the day throws your way. Experience the difference with Cream Paste Hand Cleaner.


No liability shall be accepted relating to the use of this product where the official manufacturer’s directions and recommendations have not been followed responsibly.

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Cream Paste Hand Cleaner – Ready To Use Organic-Solvent-Free