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Gloss – Ready To Use High Lustre Liquid Vehicle Sheen

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Introducing Gloss, your go-to solution for achieving a high-lustre shine on your vehicle. This ready-to-use, high-performance liquid sheen is your secret weapon for elevating your vehicle’s appearance while offering robust water-repellent protection for all metal surfaces. Made in the UK, Gloss is the ultimate choice for discerning vehicle owners who demand excellence.

Key Benefits:

High Lustre Brilliance
Transform your vehicle’s exterior into a beacon of brilliance with Gloss. This transparent liquid polish works its magic, leaving your vehicle adorned with an enchanting, high-lustre sheen that turns heads wherever you go.

Water-Repellent Shield
Gloss doesn’t just enhance your vehicle’s appearance; it also provides a protective, water-repellent coating. With Gloss, your vehicle becomes a fortress against the elements, ensuring lasting beauty and performance.

Usage Guidelines:
  1. Thorough Wash: Begin by washing your vehicle and rinsing away all detergent, ensuring a clean slate for Gloss to work its wonders.
  2. Effortless Application: Spray or sponge Gloss onto your vehicle’s bodywork, distributing it evenly. Allow Gloss to naturally dry, and watch the transformation unfold.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency: For the most efficient application, consider using Gloss through a pressure washer. This method aids uniform coverage and optimal results.

Elevate your vehicle to new heights of elegance and protection with Gloss. This high-lustre liquid sheen isn’t just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a shield against the elements, designed to keep your vehicle’s appearance flawless and repel water. Unleash the beauty and safeguard your investment with Gloss.


Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only.  Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use.  Concentrates Direct accepts no liability where use has not followed the official directions.

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25 litres

Gloss – Ready To Use High Lustre Liquid Vehicle Sheen