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Cherry Fresh – Super Concentrated Biodegradable Scented Deodouriser

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Welcome to the world of Cherry Fresh, where a captivating cherry fragrance meets the power of a super concentrate. As a ‘Super Concentrate,’ Cherry Fresh sets a new standard, offering you the purest and most potent scent experience, all while remaining eco-friendly.

Key Features:
  1. Super Concentrated Strength
    Cherry Fresh proudly earns the ‘Super Concentrate’ title, signifying its remarkable 100% ingredient strength. No other product delivers more cherry fragrance per litre. In fact, it’s at least five times more potent than your typical concentrate. Prepare to be enveloped by the luscious aroma of cherries.
  2. Biodegradable
    Cherry Fresh is committed to preserving the environment. It’s fully biodegradable to EC648/2004, aligning with responsible, eco-conscious cleaning practices.
  • Versatile Dilution: With Cherry Fresh, you have the flexibility to adjust the dilution to meet your specific needs. The typical total dilution range of 1:100 to 1:500 with water ensures that you can customise the strength according to your preferences.

Elevate your space with the intense and delightful fragrance of cherries, all while supporting eco-friendly practices. Discover the exceptional potency and versatility of Cherry Fresh and let its enchanting scent transform your surroundings.


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500ml Sample, 20 litres

Cherry Fresh – Super Concentrated Biodegradable Scented Deodouriser
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