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Autoboss – Super Concentrated Balanced Formula TFR

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Discover the time-tested excellence of Autoboss, the original formula that has been a trusted choice for those who value quality and economy in Traffic Film Removers (TFRs). With Autoboss (original), you’re getting the same unmatched quality and value as its counterparts, but with a twist: it’s optimised for lower foaming and cold weather applications.
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Key Features:
  1. Quality
    Our Traffic Film Removers have always been a symbol of excellence and unmatched value. Autoboss continues this legacy with pride.
  2. True ‘Super Concentrate’
    We reserve the prestigious ‘Super Concentrate’ title for products with 100% ingredient strength. When it comes to offering more product per litre, Autoboss is second to none.
  3. Optimised for Specific Needs
    Autoboss is the ideal formula for situations where lower foaming is required or for use in colder temperatures. It offers a balanced amount of toughness suitable for most applications, along with an anti-static shine.
  4. Economical
    With Autoboss, the focus is on the perfect equilibrium between care and economy. Like its counterparts, it outshines competitors in terms of concentration and effectiveness, ensuring you achieve remarkable results with just a small amount. To put its economical nature into perspective, simply divide the cost by 10 to 20 times for a fair comparison with other products. Autoboss is the embodiment of cost-effective excellence.
  5. Discounts
    Available on large orders and for frequent customers.
  6. Competitive Pricing
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Usage Tips:

To maximise the potential of Autoboss and ensure optimal performance in various conditions, follow these usage tips:

  1. Dilution is Key: Just like its counterparts, Autoboss requires pre-dilution before use. We recommend pre-dilution at:
    • 5% for regular use.
    • 10% for more thorough MOT cleaning.
    • Utilise auto-fed pressure washers at 40 degrees Celsius for the best results.
  2. Economy: With this product, water, and 5 litres can create 50 to 100 litres of high-quality TFR concentrate or 10 to 20 litres for a 210-litre barrel, depending on the required strength. Using a pressure washer set at 2% results in an impressively low overall dilution of just 0.1% to 0.2%.
  3. Caution on Delicate Surfaces: Autoboss is highly effective and is likely to remove wax finishes. It’s advised to ensure correct dilution, exercise caution and perform prior testing when using it on delicate surfaces. For all TFR products, regardless of the brand, thorough rinsing is a must.

Autoboss is the choice of those who appreciate the original formula’s enduring excellence. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and value, even in varying conditions. Experience the balanced brilliance of Autoboss for your diverse cleaning needs.

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Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only.  Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use.  Concentrates Direct accepts no liability where use has not followed the official directions.


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Autoboss – Super Concentrated Balanced Formula TFR
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