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Powerwash Foam – Super Concentrated Ultimate Power and Economy Traffic Film Remover

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Take no prisoners with our most popular TFR cleaner. Experience the ultimate power and economy of Powerwash Foam Super Concentrated Traffic Film Remover (TFR). Using premium quality surfactants coupled with the highest caustic power, making this the best TFR concentrate.

Key Features:
  1. Power & Economy
    Powerwash Foam’s exceptional power is your answer for the toughest tasks, or when the highest dilution for the ultimate economy is the goal.
  2. Save Money
    Don’t pay for water. Powerwash Foam Super Concentrate is 100% ingredients, you can’t get more in less packaging.
  3. Dilution Flexibility
    Make it any strength you need.
  4. Easier Handling
    Smaller (10 litre) containers need less space and are not as heavy to handle.
  5. Environmental Benefits
    New greener formulation. No transporting of unnecessary water. Less packaging. Made locally so less shipping. Good 10 litre containers accepted back for re-use.
  6. Not for Delicate Surfaces
    Due to its formidable caustic power, Powerwash Foam is not advised for use on delicate or sensitive surfaces.
  7. Local Small Business
    UK Midlands manufactured, how British should be. Get old-school support and values. Support our economy.
  8. Discounts
    Available for regular customers or large orders.
  1. Dilution is key:
    As with any super concentrate, Powerwash Foam requires pre-dilution before use. We recommend pre-dilution at:

    • 3% for regular use.
    • 6% for thorough MOT cleaning.
    • Utilise auto-fed pressure washers at 40 degrees Celsius for the best results.
  2. Economy:
    With 10 litres of this product and water, you can create between 83 and 166 litres of high-quality TFR concentrate, depending on the desired strength (~equivalent to 3 to 6 lots of 25 litres each). Using a pressure washer set at 2%, translates to an astonishingly low overall dilution of 0.06% to 0.12%.
  3. Caution on Delicate Surfaces:
    Ensure correct dilution, perform prior testing when using it on sensitive surfaces. Powerwash Foam has a high caustic formulation and could remove wax finishes. For confidence with delicate jobs use non-caustic Bodywork Shine. For all TFR products, regardless of the brand or type, thorough rinsing is a must.
  4. Restricted Use:
    By law, its “Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted“. Buyers must first supply the required information before.

Powerwash Foam is the answer when you demand not only ultimate power but also unrivalled economy in your Traffic Film Remover.

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Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only.  Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use.  Concentrates Direct accepts no liability where use has not followed the official directions.


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500ml Sample, 10 litres

Powerwash Foam – Super Concentrated Ultimate Power and Economy Traffic Film Remover
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