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Descalextra – Highly Concentrated Brick Cleaner Acid and Power Descaler

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Unlock the might of Descalextra, your ultimate solution for conquering the toughest descaling and brick-cleaning challenges. This super-strength descaler acid cleaner is not for the faint-hearted (or general public); it’s a force to be reckoned with. From removing dried mortar, concrete, rust, and lime-scale to banishing green growth like mildew and fungus, Descalextra is your fast acting, reliable partner for demanding cleaning tasks.

Key Features:
  1. Super Strength Descaler
    Descalextra is a true powerhouse, equipped to tackle the most stubborn build-up and deposits. It’s a solution that means business and delivers exceptional results.
  2. Versatile
    This versatile solution effectively eliminates a range of nuisances, including dried mortar, concrete, rust, lime-scale deposits, mildew, and fungus. It can also be used as a pH reducer for solutions in industrial processes, water treatment, and swimming pools.
  1. Safety Precautions: Handling Descalextra requires the utmost respect for its potency. Read the Safety Data Sheet. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential when working with this product.
  2. Restricted Use: By law, its “Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted“, underscoring the need for caution. Respect legal restrictions regarding the acquisition, possession, and use of Descalextra. You must take precautions to control access to this product and avoid theft.
  3. Surface Compatibility: While Descalextra is a formidable descaler, it’s not suitable for use on aluminium or stainless steel. Caution is advised, as damage may occur to sensitive surfaces if incorrectly diluted. Always perform a test before general application.
  4. Dilution: For cleaning applications, start with a weaker dilution and increase the strength as required. This approach ensures that you’re using Descalextra efficiently while minimising potential risks. Remember, for safety always add the product into water, not the other way around.
  5. Swimming Pools: Check the pH of the pool water on at least a weekly basis. If it is higher than 7.6 use Descalextra to reduce it and also benefit from a free Chlorine boost. When reducing your pool water’s pH, aim for between 7.2 and 7.6. Do not use Descalextra if the pool pH is 7.2 or less already.

Embrace the extraordinary power of Descalextra, a super-strength descaler and brick cleaner that’s not to be underestimated. Let Descalextra become your ultimate ally in banishing stubborn deposits, whether it’s dried mortar, concrete, rust, lime-scale, mildew, or fungus. Versatile, potent, and dependable, Descalextra is your go-to solution for conquering the toughest cleaning challenges.


Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only. Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use. No liability shall be accepted relating to the use of this product where the official manufacturer’s directions and recommendations have not been followed responsibly.



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Brick Cleaner AcidDescalextra – Highly Concentrated Brick Cleaner Acid and Power Descaler
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