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Millphos – Highly Concentrated Descaler Cleaner Removes Rust Tarnishes Protein Milk Beer Deposits

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Acid Cleaner and Descaler

Elevate your descaling game with Millphos, a potent cleaning solution formulated with an impressive Phosphoric Acid concentration. This industrial-strength cleaner descaler is your trusted ally for tackling tough limescale, mineral deposits, and rust stains in various applications.

Key Features:
  1. Phosphoric Acid Powerhouse
    With a remarkable Phosphoric Acid content, this descaler means business. It’s ideal for tasks that demand robust performance, making it a preferred choice in commercial and industrial settings.
  2. Versatile Uses
    Millphos is ideal for use on stainless steel items and excels in a wide range of applications:
    Household: Effectively removes stubborn limescale from kitchen appliances like coffee makers, kettles, and dishwashers.
    Bathroom: Eliminates mineral build-up from taps, shower heads, and toilets.
    Industrial: Suitable for descaling heat exchangers, boilers, and industrial machinery.
    Food Service: Ensures coffee and beverage equipment stays scale-free for the perfect brew.
    Automotive: Ideal for cleaning radiators and cooling systems.
    Plumbing: Restores water flow in pipes and prevents clogs.
  3. Easy to Use
    Millphos is simple to apply. Just dilute the solution as needed for the task, apply it to the affected surface, and let it work its magic. Stubborn scale and deposits will dissolve, leaving surfaces clean and restored.
  4. Cost-Effective
    Thanks to its high concentration, a little goes a long way, making it an economical choice for both personal and professional use.
  5. Discounts
    Available on large orders and for frequent customers.
  6. Competitive Pricing
    Speak to us about price matching.

Due to the wide range and variability of applications, start with a higher dilution (weaker) and increase the strength as needed to achieve the desired result. This will also save waste and money.


Use warmer water when diluting Millphos to make it work faster. No more than hand-hot for safety.


Millphos Descaler is a powerful and effective solution, in addition to the safety information, it is important to note the following precautions:

  1. Using the product undiluted could lead to damage or surface discolouration of some materials.
  2. Do not mix Millphos with other cleaning products or chemicals, as this can result in hazardous reactions.
  3. After using the descaler, ensure you rinse the treated area or appliance thoroughly with water to remove any residual solution.
  4. By law, its “Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted“. Respect legal restrictions regarding the acquisition, possession, and use of Millphos. You must take precautions to control access to this product and avoid theft.
  5. Store the product in a safe and secure location, out of the reach of children and pets.

Millphos with Phosphoric Acid is your reliable solution for conquering stubborn scale and deposits in a variety of settings. Its high potency and versatility make it an excellent choice for professionals. When used with care and according to the instructions, it ensures sparkling, scale-free surfaces and efficient machinery, guaranteeing you a clean, safe, and efficient environment.


Our products are for industrial and commercial use by trained professionals only. Always read the safety data sheet and label for directions before use. No liability shall be accepted relating to the use of this product where the official manufacturer’s directions and recommendations have not been followed responsibly.


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500ml Sample, 10 litres

Millphos – Highly Concentrated Descaler Cleaner Removes Rust Tarnishes Protein Milk Beer Deposits
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